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Simon Lévelt

Tea and coffee have been our passion for 200 years, so it’s not too surprising that our expertise is unrivalled. But we don’t just want to offer good quality coffees and teas: we are also committed to making a positive contribution to people’s lives and the environment. Simon Lévelt offers you the best coffees and teas, in terms of flavour and quality. Come and try our coffees and teas and share our passion.

The knowledge of roasting coffee and growing tea has been passed on for six generations.

Simon Lévelt offers products of the highest quality. In order to guarantee this quality, we are involved in every step of the supply chain: from purchasing the tea leaves and coffee beans, through blending and testing new products, to the production and packaging process.

The cupping lab checks our products for quality on a daily basis. In addition, our tasters come up with new flavours and blends, which they test and evaluate. Only the best, most special coffees and teas are sold under the Simon Lévelt name.

Simon Lévelt owns almost 50 coffee and tea speciality shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, which sell a constantly evolving range of products. The coffee is freshly ground in the shop, specifically for the preparation process and the equipment you use. Simon Lévelt sources teas from all over the world. Whether you prefer tea from India or China, Kenya or Japan: we have the perfect choice for everyone’s taste and for any moment of the day.

Simon Lévelt supports fair trade, organic cultivation and social projects. Did you know that our support to the communities that grow our coffee and tea doesn’t end with us buying their products? Sometimes we lend a helping hand by funding schools too!

Why don’t you come and visit one of our shops to choose your favourite product!